Purdey Lung

PostGrad Dip Physio
(Developmental Paediatrics)
Prof Dip Physio

About Purdey Lung

Purdey, a locally as well as oversea trained Physiotherapist in Developmental Paediatrics, has extensive experience in hands on clinical work as well as education of students. Purdey has been putting a focus on providing the most effective early childhood developmental intervention, aiming to improve the young one’s physical and daily function and quality of life.

Purdey has also worked with children after Botox or surgical intervention to assist them to achieve the best possible outcome from the procedure. She has done further training in BOBATH Neurodevelopmental Training, Conductive Education, and lower limb biomechanics which has allowed her to address the client’s needs in a targeted & responsive way.

Purdey is passionate about assisting children with or without disability. She aims to guide and empower them and their families to develop independence in daily life and subsequently to attain their full functional potential and participation in community.

In recent years, Purdey has also adopted different treatment techniques such as kinesiotaping, Theratog, and body composition analysis to assist clients of different ages to enjoy pain free and healthier lifestyle.

Purdey believes that positive thinking is contagious, wellbeing comes from the development of the right attitude and habits. She uses a holistic approach to work with her clients to achieve positive physical health outcomes.

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