Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (or Shockwave Therapy) has been incorporated into Physiotherapy treatment program for more than a decade.  With thorough assessment and differential physical diagnosis by a Physiotherapist, Shockwave Therapy can be delivered as a stand-alone treatment or as an adjunct to other traditional Physiotherapy interventions.

Shockwave therapy can provide a safe, effective and alternative treatment option for a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders (conditions affecting your bone, joints and muscles).  The treatment is relatively pain free with minimal or no harmful side effects.  The average number of sessions required is 6 at weekly intervals.  Usually good to excellent results were reported in most conditions treated.

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Common conditions treated by Shockwave Therapy include:

  • Medial/lateral epicondylitis (Golfer’s / Tennis elbow)

  • Plantar fasciitis (heel pain)

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Rotator cuff tendinopathy (shoulder pain)

  • Heel spur (calcium deposit under heel bone)

  • Patellar tendinopathy (Jumper’s knee)

  • Tibialis anterior / fibularis tendonitis (Shin splints)

  • De Quervains syndrome (hand/wrist pain)

  • Trochanteric bursitis (lateral hip pain


How does Shockwave Therapy work?

Shockwave Therapy machine generates sound waves which can trigger biological effects.  The kinetic energy of the sound wave passes through tissues to promote regenerative and reparative processes of tendon, soft tissues and bones.  The therapeutic effects of Shockwave Therapy to provide pain relief, accelerated tissue repair and cell growth, as well as mobility restoration are related to the biological effects of:

  • new blood vessels formation (neovascularisation)

  • promotion of collagen formation

  • breaking down of calcified fibroblasts

  • reduction of concentration of Substance P (pain mediator)

  • reversal of chronic inflammatory process

  • release of trigger points


How is it different to other treatments?

It is a safe, non-invasive and effective treatment to provide fast pain relief with restoration of mobility. There is no need for pain medications, making it an ideal treatment option to promote speedy recovery and manage a wide range of painful conditions, whether it is chronic or acute.


What are the benefits of Shockwave Therapy treatment?

Shockwave Therapy is non-invasive with proven effectiveness.  It is convenient and safe to use.

Shockwave Therapy was found to have equal or superior treatment effect compared with surgery and steroid injections in some musculoskeletal conditions.

Side effects of Shockwave Therapy is minimal and negligible and it is relatively easy to tolerate.

Shockwave Therapy can relieve trigger points without causing much post-treatment soreness.  It can be an effective alternative treatment option for dry needling (acupuncture) for people who are afraid of needles and after treatment soreness.


Is Shockwave Therapy an evidence-based treatment?

Yes, there are many high quality (randomised control trial) studies carried out to investigate the effect of Shockwave Therapy on a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.  Most of the studies supported good treatment effects with 70-90% improvement, even more than 6 months after cessation of the treatment sessions.