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The BLACKROLL® DuoBall is a unique massaging roller from the makers of the BLACKROLL® Groove and the standard BLACKROLL® Ball . This simple, portable mobility tool fuses two 8 or 12cm diameter massage balls into one roller with a central spacer. This makes the DuoBall ideally suited for targeted application on the back and neck, around the spinal column.

You can use the DuoBall on any flat surface before or after a workout, or simply at your own convenience throughout a workday. Superior to a traditional tennis ball or lacrosse ball, the deep tissue massage created by the DuoBall can help reduce muscle tightness and soreness, increase flexibility and balance, and help prevent the likelihood of more serious injury down the road.



  • Precision, deep tissue massage balls for back, neck
  • Dimensions: 8cm x 8cm x 16cm or 12cm x 12cm x 24cm
  • Lightweight and Portable – use on floor or wall
  • Made in Germany
  • Chemical Free, Odor Free, Water Resistant
  • Color: Black

BLACKROLL® - Duoball (12cm)

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