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The BLACKROLL® Recovery/Travel Pillow is very small and handy with a size of 50 x 30cm. Due to the dimensions and the fact that you can roll up the pillow in a few easy steps, you always have your personal relaxation and regeneration tool with you! This is especially helpful when traveling to sleep better in foreign beds. Consistent sleeping conditions and sleep routines ensure healthy sleep patterns so you are awake and rested in the morning!


Since the pillow can be rolled up to save space, it fits in any travel bag. The elastic, breathable high-tech memory foam ensures that the pillow retains its original shape even after it's been rolled out.


Thanks to its elastic material, BLACKROLL® Recovery/Travel Pillow optimally adapts to the natural sleeping position and can thus prevent tension in the shoulder and neck area. Whether on the back, on the stomach or on the side: the pillows differently shaped sides and height differences allows four different sleeping positions, supporting the head and neck and protecting the muscular and fascial structures.


The ergonomic neck arch and the head recess are particularly suitable for back sleepers because the head gently sinks and the neck is supported. Side sleepers find room on the more curved and slightly firmer part of the pillow, while the back of the pillow is suitable for people who prefer sleeping on their stomach.


What makes the Recovery Pillow so special?

Due to breathable high-tech memory foam, the cushion is extremely stable even after unrolling. The cushion cover and pillowcase are washable to ensure the highest standards of hygiene. The breathable and quick-drying material consists of the finest ventilation channels, which ensure sufficient ventilation of the pillow inside the foam core. Its size gives it an extremely effective, compact cushion that can be rolled up while traveling and stored in a handy cushion cover.


During manufacturing, BLACKROLL®  remained true to its standard of using only pollution-free materials to manufacture the products. BLACKROLL® Recovery/Travel Pillow is produced in Germany near Stuttgart and is certified according to the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100.

BLACKROLL® - Recovery/Travel Pillow

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