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Headache – more than just pain in the neck

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

I have been working with many clients who complain about headache.

Headache Causes | Wellbeing Physiotherapy Leederville

Some of them have been living on pain-killers in order to cope with daily

activities and work commitments.

Most headaches are mechanical in nature and are related to neck or shoulder problems, they can usually improve with appropriate physiotherapy management. However, some persistent

headache might be related to other factors such as stress, poor workstation


What can cause headache?

- Muscular problem or neck stiffness

- Poor posture in sitting and or standing

- Stress, anxiety and depression

- Dental or jaw problem

- High blood pressure

- Dehydration

- Eye problem

- Cancer (rare in most cases)

Headache Treatment | Wellbeing Physiotherapy Leederville

What are some of the treatment options?

- Pain-killers

- Physiotherapy

- Relaxation and stress management

- Dental treatment

If you have any other concerns, talk to your doctor or physiotherapist.

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