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Helping homeless people is really rewarding to me

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Homeless Healthcare | Wellbeing Physiotherapy Leederville

From Private Practice to helping homeless people

5 years ago when I started my private practice, a doctor from Homeless Health Care invited me to join their medical health care team to provide Physiotherapy treatment to the homeless people.

The doctors, nurses and other staff there, work tirelessly and selflessly to help these people who are homeless temporarily or for extended period of time.

Their dedication and hard work has motivated me to do my best to help these people who are socially and financially disadvantaged which make them difficult to seek help from private physiotherapy treatment.

Helping homeless patients | Wellbeing Physiotherapy Leederville
Kevin helping patient in Homeless Healthcare clinic

Complex physical, social and other needs

In addition to their medical or physical health issues, they often have drug and alcohol, mental health, domestic violence and other complex social issues and needs.

I feel grateful and privileged to be able to use my professional knowledge and experience to help them relieve their pain, improve functional mobility and physical wellbeing.  

A man who was wheelchair bound now walks again

I remember one time when I helped a man who had been wheelchair bound for more than 2 years.  He was told by the treating doctor that he would never be able to walk again. I felt a bit overwhelmed to hear from him that he was really keen to be able to walk again.   I did not know how and what I could do to help him but I tried.   

After several treatment sessions and perseverance, the man showed subtle improvement.   I helped him to put weight on his legs and finally he was able to make a few steps of walking for the first time without any aids and assistance.   Now he is walking again and has a family and his whole life has changed.

My thankfulness

It is really rewarding and encouraging to be able to accompany someone’s journey of recovery.

I feel jubilant to be able to use my professional knowledge and skills to contribute back to the community.

If you like to know more about Homeless Healthcare please clink the link below:


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