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3 Common Questions After Childbirth

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Women's Health & Pregnancy | Wellbeing Physiotherapy Leederville

1. I have noticed some leaking after childbirth, is this normal?

Leaking of urine or developing incontinence is a common problem experienced by many women

after giving birth to their child. This can affect both women who have had a vaginal or caesarean

birth. Contrary to what many people may think, this is not a problem that you just have to put up

with. Nor is it a problem that will just go away or get better by itself. Due to the increased pressures and forces that have been placed on the pelvic floor through pregnancy and childbirth, the pelvic floor muscles can be weakened or damaged. This reduces their ability to maintain adequate control of your bladder and for some people their bowels. A women’s health physiotherapist can help you to assess and treat this issue.

2. Who will check my pelvic floor after childbirth? I think I am squeezing

my pelvic floor muscles but how do I actually know?

In the rush and excitement after giving birth to your baby, you vaguely remember a physiotherapist coming in to see you at the hospital mentioning the importance of your pelvic floor muscles.

However with all the new changes (and challenges!) with the primary focus being on the baby, you

haven’t given a second thought about yourself, let alone your pelvic floor.

Many women think that their GP or obstetrician will automatically assess their pelvic floor at their 6 weeks check up. Often this is not the case and many women are left feeling confused about how

well their pelvic floor muscles are functioning and an overwhelming sensation of- is everything

alright down there?

In reality, your GP and obstetrician may not actually physically examine your pelvic floor at your 6

weeks check up. They have other concerns and areas that they need to focus on. If you are

concerned about your pelvic floor and changes that have occurred since pregnancy and child birth, a women’s health physiotherapist is the health professional to seek out. A women’s health

physiotherapist can perform an examination of your pelvic floor and can let you know how well it is functioning and if there is any treatment required.

3. How can I return safely back to exercise after having a baby?

Returning back to exercise after a baby is different for every woman. This depends on a number of

factors including the strength and integrity of your pelvic floor, the type of delivery you went

through, and what type of exercise you want to return to. The best way to return safely back to

exercise after child birth is to consult with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist who can provide

individualised assessment and advice on returning to exercise. They can help you to progress your

exercise routine in a safe manner that is beneficial for your body.


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