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Why You Should Walk More for Health

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Walking | Wellbeing Physiotherapy Leederville

Walking is Easy

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise and it’s something that you probably already do on a daily basis. Walking more is something you can easily implement into your lifestyle as it can be done anytime and anywhere! Aside from being a convenient and easy activity, it also comes with many health benefits. 

Walking Can Boost Your Energy

Walking can give you an energy boost, making you feel more awake and energised after a walk. This is why taking morning walks is a common activity, as it helps you feel refreshed and energetic for the rest of the day. Walking more during your day can also help improve sleep quality at night and sleeping well comes with many more benefits.  

Reduce Health Risks

Being physically active will keep your heart healthy as well as reduce your risk of diabetes. The risk of heart disease and high blood pressure can be reduced by having regular moderate activity such as walking for 30 minutes each day. Walking regularly can also decrease the risk of heart attacks, strokes and high cholesterol. Having physical activity as a part of your day can help burn more calories which means you can lose body fat and manage your weight. Having a healthy body weight is one of the main factors to reduce the chances of developing diabetes. 

Walking Reduce Health Risks | Wellbeing Physiotherapy Leederville

Mental Health Benefits

Being active by walking more also has benefits for your mental health. It can improve your brain functions such as your memory, concentration and problem solving. Active lifestyles can encourage the growth of new brain cells and keep your brain healthy. Walking also lowers stress, improves your mood and promotes emotional resilience. The endorphins released during exercise play a big part in lifting your mood, so walking is definitely a great way to clear your mind and get rid of any negative emotions. 

Let’s start your walk to better health today.

Walking Mental Health Benefits | Wellbeing Physiotherapy Leederville


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